Ways To Prepare For Civil Service Exam

How To Prepare for Civil service Exam is the most sought after question in the USA. The largest number of job opportunities in the United States of America belongs to Civil Services. There are about 141 agency web sites where one can apply for a government job, Millions of job applications to get a government job is being received by these agencies. In Fact, Getting a Government job will require the candidate to pass the civil service exam in the relevant job niche. Candidates who score the best scores are then referred to personal interviews.

Unlike other exams, Civil Service exam preparation needs a lot of effort and inputs. Above all, a proper plan to prepare for the civil service exam becomes imminent. Getting the government job in merit through the US Civil Service Commission is a tough task, but also, it can be achieved by an effective preparation schedule.

Below are some important things to do while you prepare for Civil Service exam:

  • Search for job openings in the US Civil Service Commission.
  • Apply for the job relevant to your skills.
  • Get the exam Schedule.
  • Develop Relevant Skills.
  • Study for the Civil service Exam.
  • Take a job preparation course.

Search for Job Opening in the US Civil Service Commission:

United States Government’s web site for careers (https://www.usa.gov/government-jobs), have the information on job openings, Civil service exam schedules, and procedures to apply for those jobs. All you have to do is, choose a job to apply and follow the guidelines to complete the job application to submit.

Develop Relevant Skills

Though the civil service test questions cover general subjects, the majority of the questions will be related to public service. Not to mention, Government jobs are basically based on public service.  Developing the attitude, reasoning and the ability to make quick decisions will help you pass the Civil Service Exams easily.

You should be thorough in the job-related skills and information. Relevant problem-solving types of questions will be there in the Civil Service test.

Use Study Guides

Skills can be proven on the job. Before that, passing the Civil Service exam is important. It needs preparation, proper study material can help you study the topics that can give you a good score. Types of questions in the exam include Multiple choice and task-based questions. Choosing the best Study guides is the easiest way to prepare for the civil service exam. Study guides provide you with Civil service Practice Tests along with model question papers. A whole lot of multiple-choice questions will allow you to prepare well.

Civil service exam preparation should include a lot of Civil service practice tests and online tests. In particular, those that are relevant to Public services.

Current Affairs and live updates

Even before you start studying, ensure you stay updated with the recent news about the department you are applying to. Particularly, knowing the Recent changes in administration, formalities, public issues, and developments should be your priority.

Study guides and online tests may not include questions from recent news and updates. Be updated by reading newspapers and reading the regular updates of the relevant department. You should also know how your role impacts the performance of the overall system.

Study Guide and job preparation course

Several organizations and study centers provide courses to prepare for the civil service exam. In fact, they help you take civil service practice tests and online tests. In a way, these tests are helpful to improve the ability to score the best marks in Civil service tests. But choosing the best course is the toughest part. Moreover, there are countless courses available online and offline.

Try the free civil service test papers from the top course providers. As a result, you will be able to assess the quality and expertise of each course provider. Then you can choose to go with a course which you think is good.

Vocabulary and Mathematical Skills

Civil service exam preparation should include topics on vocabulary, Because, while you know the answer, you should be good at vocabulary to formulate a crisp and clear explanation. At the same time, you should be good at mathematical, arithmetic and geometric calculations. Depending on the job profile, the number of questions on mathematics will be asked.


Preparing for Civil Service Exam is the toughest thing across job preparations. Because those government jobs which require Civil service exams are directly related to public services. Those jobs need the presence of mind, quick and fair decision-making skills, problem-solving abilities, administration capability, and many other job-related skills.

While you prepare for the civil service exam, taking it through a job preparation course increase the chance of passing the exams to a great extent. It is strongly recommended to do it through a professional and well-experienced course provider.